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High-Impact Practice Associated Member
First-Year Seminars and Experiences Bill Johnson (HHS), Emily Wiersma (FYE)
Common Intellectual Experiences Emily Wiersma (First-Year Common Read)
Learning Communities Jennifer Stephens (RCO), Angela Bolte (Honors), Erica Estep (LLC)
Writing-Intensive Courses Jennifer Whitaker (Writing Center), Sara Littlejohn (WI Committee)
Collaborative Assignments and Projects John Sopper (Grogan: Team-Based/Project-Based Learning)
Undergraduate Research Lee Phillips (URSCO)
Diversity/Global Learning Patrick Lilja (Global Engagement), Carla Fullwood (OIE)
Service Learning, Community-Based Learning Kristina Gage (OLCE)
Internships Megan Walters (Career Services)
Capstone Courses and Projects Vaughn Stewart (Digital ACT Studio), Sara Littlejohn (Ashby & Strong), John Sopper (Grogan)
E-portfolios Vaughn Stewart (Digital ACT Studio)
Jenny Dale (Libraries), Samantha Raynor (Provost’s Office), Dana Saunders (Students First Office)