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High-Impact Practices (HIPs)

UNCG’s Residential Colleges are designed to include all of the high-impact educational practices (HIPs) defined by The Association of American Colleges & Universities (AAC&U) as evidenced-based teaching and learning practices that have been shown to benefit student learning and engagement regardless of student background (Kuh, 2008). These HIPs include:

  • First-Year Seminars and Experiences
  • Common Intellectual Experiences
  • Learning Communities
  • Writing-Intensive Courses
  • Collaborative Assignments and Projects
  • Undergraduate Research
  • Diversity/Global Learning
  • Service Learning, Community-Based Learning
  • Internships
  • Capstone Courses and Projects

Because of this intentional design around HIPs, UNCG’s Residential Colleges are ideal spaces for faculty development.

AAC&U’s Chart of High-Impact Education Practices

RCO Workshop Resources

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Journals on Learning Communities

Learning Communities Journal

Learning Communities Research and Practice

Rubrics and Other Tools

AAC&U Value Rubrics

ISU Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching’s Model of Learning Objectives

Fink’s Taxonomy of Significant Learning

Global Engagement Curriculum Mapping Tool (download)

Learning-Centered Classroom Observation Rubric and Guide

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RCO Syllabus Template (download)

UNCG Curriculum Guide

UVA Center for Teaching Excellence’s Syllabus Rubric and Guide