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 Thinking about joining Strong College? Here are some helpful things to know!

What is the difference between Strong College and Guilford Residence Hall?

Strong College is the academic community and Guilford is the hall that houses it.

What is Guilford hall like?

There are approximately 130 students living in 2-person rooms with bathrooms down the hall. For community spaces we have a living room (junior common room), a game room, and a kitchen.

What are the entrance requirements?

All students are welcome to apply to Strong College.

Do you have to be of a certain class or in a certain major to be in Strong College?

Strong College is for freshmen and sophomores, and open to all majors who have an interest in sustainability or hands-on fieldwork research.

What is the course load per semester in Strong College?

Students need to be full time (12-18 hours per semester) to live in University housing. Of those 4-6 courses, you will generally take one core course each semester you are in Strong College as well as the Strong Capstone course in the second semester of your sophomore year.

Are the co-curricular events required?

Committee work and hall leadership build a healthy community.  There will be co-curricular events for your courses, as well as events just for fun like tea and movie night are optional.

Does it cost extra to be a member of Strong College?

No, Strong College does not have membership fees or additional charges.