Sample Syllabus & Syllabus Statements

Copy of a full sample syllabus (google document)

The following sample statements have been formulated in collaboration with campus partners, including the Counseling Center and the Dean of Students Office. They can be used as-is, or serve as inspiration for developing your own statement to include in your syllabi.


As UNCG returns to face-to-face course offerings in fall 2020, the campus community must recognize and address concerns about physical and emotional safety.  As such, all students, faculty, and staff are required to uphold UNCG’s culture of care by actively engaging in behaviors that limit the spread of COVID-19. Such actions include, but are not limited to, the following:

Instructors will have seating charts for their classes. These are important for maintaining appropriate social distance during class and facilitating contact tracing should there be a confirmed case of COVID-19. Students must sit in their assigned seat at every class meeting and must not move furniture. Students should not eat or drink during class time.

A limited number of disposable masks will be available in classrooms for students who have forgotten theirs. Face coverings will also be available for purchase in the UNCG Campus Bookstore. Students who do not follow masking and social distancing requirements will be asked to put on a face covering or leave the classroom to retrieve one and only return when they follow these basic requirements to uphold standards of safety and care for the UNCG community. Once students have a face covering, they are permitted to re-enter a class already in progress. Repeated issues may result in conduct action. The course policies regarding attendance and academics remain in effect for partial or full absence from class due to lack of adherence with face covering and social distancing requirements. 

For instances where the Office of Accessibility Resources and Services (OARS) has granted accommodations regarding wearing face coverings, students should contact their instructors to develop appropriate alternatives to class participation and/or activities as needed. Instructors or the student may also contact OARS (336.334.5440) who, in consultation with Student Health Services, will review requests for accommodations.


Health and Wellness

Health and well-being impact learning and academic success. Throughout your time in the university, you may experience a range of concerns that can cause barriers to your academic success. These might include illnesses, strained relationships, anxiety, high levels of stress, alcohol or drug problems, feeling down, or loss of motivation. Student Health Services and The Counseling Center can help with these or other issues you may experience.

You can learn about the free, confidential mental health services available on campus by calling 336-334-5874, visiting the website at, or visiting the Anna M. Gove Student Health Center at 107 Gray Drive.

For undergraduate or graduate students in recovery from alcohol and other drug addiction, The Spartan Recovery Program (SRP) offers recovery support services. You can learn more about recovery and recovery support services by visiting or reaching out to

Classroom Conduct

Students are expected to assist in maintaining a classroom environment that is conducive to learning. In order to assure that all students have the opportunity to gain from time spent in class, unless otherwise approved by the instructor, students are prohibited from engaging in any form of distraction. Inappropriate behavior in the classroom shall result, minimally, in a request to leave class. Please review the Disruptive Behavior in the Classroom Policy for additional information. 


!! As your instructor, I am committed to creating a productive and non-discriminatory learning environment of mutual respect.  Title IX and UNCG’s school policy prohibit gender-based harassment, sexual harassment, and sex discrimination for all members of the University community.  Harassment can come in many forms – both direct and indirect – and can occur in subtle or overt ways. Traditionally, harassment is seen from formal power-over structure. However, harassment can occur without a formal power structure. Contrapower, when a student harasses an instructor or peer, is a type of behavior that can create an intimidating environment in and outside of the classroom. Either form of harassment can include direct or indirect comments, physical intimidation, emails, anonymous notes and course evaluations. Both Contrapower and traditional forms of harassment are prohibited and subject to the same kinds of accountability applied to offenses against protected categories, such as race, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, etc.

If you experience or witness such instances of harassment, please seek out the following resources:

  • UNCG Counseling Center (non-reporting agency/confidential): 336.334.5874
  • Murphie Chappell, Title IX Coordinator (reporting agent) 336.256.0362 or
  • University Police (reporting agent) 336.334.4444

For more information on UNCG’s policies regarding harassment, visit 


It is expected that instructors will make reasonable accommodations for students who have conflicts due to religious obligations. Please make arrangements with the instructor in advance of any conflict. For more information on UNCG’s Religious Obligations policy, visit: 


It is the intention of the instructor that this syllabus and course calendar will be followed as outlined, however, as the need arises there may be adjustments to the syllabus and calendar. In such cases, the instructor will notify the students in class and via e-mail with an updated syllabus and calendar within a reasonable timeframe to allow students to adjust as needed.


In cases of inclement weather that impact this course and course schedule, details can be found:

  • In your University email: UNCG sends out Adverse Weather updates
  • In the UNCG Mobile App: You can even set it to provide you alerts
  • Via television announcements: UNCG makes weather announcements available on five local stations (WFMY-2, WGHP-V, WXII-TV, WXLV-TV, and Spectrum News)
  • Visit or the UNCG homepage: UNCG posts up-to-date information on the main University web site ( and on the main Spartan Alert page (