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OPPORTUNITY: Steelcase for Active Learning Center Grant, Call for Pre-Proposals

Submission Deadline: December 3, 2018

Notification of Selected Pre-Proposals: December 15, 2019

Eligibility: All full-time faculty

Information meeting will be held November 8, 2018 at 3pm in the Faculty Center


About the Steelcase for Active Learning Center Grant:

The furniture design company Steelcase offers space design grants to facilitate active learning in education. For the 2019 Steelcase for Active Learning Center Grant, UNCG will be submitting one proposal through the Office of the Provost with the support of the Innovative Learning Spaces Council. 

The Steelcase for Active Learning Centers Grant is a unique opportunity for educators and universities to develop intentional active learning environments. Active learning has become a popular term across academia in the past decade, often encompassing many activities from experiential learning to applied learning. As the pedagogical practice has grown in prevalence, new attention has been paid to how spaces facilitate or obstruct innovative and engaged learning practices beyond traditional lecture pedagogy. The Steelcase for Active Learning Center Grant offers universities the opportunity to address spaces and learning environments that foster active learning.

**Important: Proposals not submitted through this process will not be eligible for submission for the Steelcase for Active learning Center Grant. The University will submit one proposal for the Campus. Proposers should not submit proposals directly to Steelcase. The grant covers partial funding for space design and development, therefore any proposal requires University approval to move forward.

Pre-proposers can visit the Steelcase Active Learning Center web site for specifics on this Grant and on past winners. (

Call for Pre-Proposals: 

To facilitate the 2019 UNCG Proposal development process, the Innovative Learning Spaces Council (ILSC) is seeking pre-proposals for learning space designs at UNCG. Pre-proposals will be reviewed by the ILSC, with two pre-proposal finalists selected for submission to the Office of the Provost for final review. Proposers of selected pre-proposals will be contacted by the ILSC to begin next steps by late December. The University will submit the final Steelcase Active Learning Center Grant through the ISLC at the direction of the Office of the Provost. Only one Steelcase Active Learning Center Grant will be submitted for the campus.

Please use the online form to submit your pre-proposal.


In years past, Steelcase has required that proposers select from four possible space designs when submitting their campus proposal. Proposers are expected to select a design that fits the innovative pedagogy they have outlined in their proposal. The 2019 Steelcase proposal and new design options will not go live until December 1, 2018. Therefore, authors of pre-proposals will be asked to select one of the four space designs used for the 2018 Proposal process. The ILSC will contact authors of the selected pre-proposals with the 2019 Proposal designs once they become available. 

Below are the four classroom designs used for the 2018 Steelcase Proposal: