Residential Colleges Faculty

Dr. Sara Littlejohn

Program Chair, Ashby College & Strong College

Dr. Sara Littlejohn has been teaching for 19 years and has been with UNCG since 2003. After directing the Writing Center at University of North Carolina Greensboro for 8 years, she is now the Faculty Program Chair for Ashby and Strong Colleges. In addition to teaching courses in rhetoric, research methods, food theory, the graphic novel and digital publishing, her research interests include digital language and literacy, multiliteracies, rhetoric, writing center theory, and composition theory and pedagogy.

Dr. Christine Flood

Associate Program Chair, Ashby College

Christine Flood is currently the Associate Faculty Program Chair of Ashby College, and has been teaching at UNCG since the last century, which is a much more exciting way to say 1999. She primarily teaches United States History, including seminars on the Supreme Court, historical films, and the Civil Rights Movement, and every so often a seminar on the Atlantic World. A graduate of the University of Maryland and UNCG, she recently completed her dissertation, titled “The Arbiters of Compromise: Sectionalism, Unionism, and Secessionism in Maryland and North Carolina.” She is married and has two boys, who quickly bore of her endless discussions on arcane yet fascinating historical subjects. Area(s) of focus: Ashby College, Mulitliteracies, and 19th and 20th Century American History

John Sopper

Program Chair, Grogan College

John Sopper is Program Chair of Grogan Residential College. He completed an undergraduate degree in the Humanities at Brown University before getting a Masters’ in Religious Studies from Princeton. His abiding intellectual passion is to understand how religious ideas influence modern social life and how modern social developments influence religious thought and ethics. Since coming to UNCG, John has taught a variety of courses intended to help students think critically about important ethical issues and to develop deeper understanding and appreciation of religious and ethical ideas. On a more personal note, John lives in an old house in downtown Greensboro with his partner of 25 years and their 2 cats— Zia and Sojo. He enjoys gardening, hiking, good architecture, and drinking strong coffee.

Dr. Will Dodson

Residential College Coordinator

Dr. Will Dodson has been the Ashby College Residential College Coordinator since 2011 and Strong College RCC since 2015. He teaches rhetoric & composition, literature, and media studies courses. His research interests include neuroscience and interactionism, film and new media, feminism, and literary theory.


Anne Barton

Associate Program Chair, Strong College

Anne Barton has been teaching history courses at UNCG since 1999, and she has taught a wide variety of courses in European history including Western Civilization, Medieval Legacy, Women and the Family in the Middle Ages, and Europe Since 1920. Mrs. Barton studied French Literature (B.A.) and Medieval History (M.A.) at the University of California at Santa Barbara, and her particular fields of interest are monastic women and women and gender in the later medieval period.