Attention: Special Instructions for COVID-19 Precautions

The UTLC is not responsible for ensuring the Faculty Center is sanitized against COVID-19. The provision of disinfectant and hand sanitizing stations will be available in the space, but it will be up to the reserving group to clean the space beyond what is provided daily by Facilities Services. The UTLC requires reserving groups to limit attendance to 10 or fewer, follow best practices in social distancing, and to wear face masks that cover the nose and mouth. We encourage reserving groups to sanitize the space and to wash/sanitize their hands often.
Additionally, given the impact of COVID-19, we will not be available to provide support for the Faculty Center space. Therefore, requesting groups will not have access to any technology (beyond the public facing projector), the kitchen or back storage area. If you wish to use the projector, you must bring your own device. Most laptops should connect without issue as long as they have HDMI output. Reserving groups will be provided with a numeric access code to gain space entry. 
Again, the UTLC is not responsible or able to ensure that the Faculty Center is sanitized against COVID-19. We strongly encourage reserving groups to join us in doing all we can to stop the spread through self monitoring, vigilant use of available sanitizing materials, and practices in social distancing and the wearing of face masks

Faculty Center

Located centrally on campus, this space is great for workshops. It has 11 tables which can be moved into different arrangements, as well as collaboration spaces for smaller group breakouts. This room has a white board and an HDMI-compatible projector with audio, and has access to a restroom and water fountain. The maximum occupancy for the Faculty Center is 49. There is no access to the kitchen space, and the room must be returned to the original layout.

Conference Room

The conference room located at 1100 W. Market Street is perfect for small group sessions. Seating is available for up to 13 individuals. Two small conference tables can be used as a single unit or separated for breakout sessions. A projector and screen are also available for presentations, as well as a portable whiteboard. The room is equipped with a mini-fridge and microwave, so feel free to host workshops over lunch.

Click here to view the calendar for each space.

Reserving a space

  1. Check the calendar here to ensure the time you would like is available. Please keep in mind that while the calendar is updated frequently, your requested time may not be available. Also, we will no longer schedule events when the Faculty Center has been booked for multiple days, even if there isn’t a direct time conflict. We have set ups for events which are left overnight and may not be returned to normal at the end of each day. If you have questions about whether a space will be available, please email Damon Roberts (
  2. Follow the link on the calendar page to review guidelines for the space and begin a reservation request.
    The UTLC is open from 8:00-5:00, Monday through Friday. If the form is submitted outside office hours, the request will be processed the next working day.

Using the Space

  • Technology: Each room has certain equipment available, listed in the appropriate descriptions. If you will need additional equipment, please explain in the reservation form. We will try to accommodate your needs, but cannot guarantee we will have what you need.
  • Furniture: Feel free to move or rearrange furniture as needed. HOWEVER, do not remove furniture from the rooms, and be sure to return the room to its original arrangement when leaving.
  • Food: Food is allowed provided you have indicated your event will have food on the reservation form. All surfaces must be wiped down and any messes cleaned before leaving. Trash must be removed to an outside dumpster. Do not leave any leftover food.
  • Alcohol: Alcohol can only be consumed inside the Faculty Center or 1100 W. Market Street. Request for permission to serve any alcoholic beverages MUST be approved through the Chancellor’s Office. The sponsors of the event must furnish alcoholic beverages, and are responsible for following all State and Federal regulations. The UTLC CANNOT be responsible for the alcoholic beverages prior to or after the function due to ABC NC Law/Permits. It is the responsibility of the representative to remove all alcoholic beverages at the conclusion of the event. More information can be found here.
  • Catering: Catering and outside vendors may be used. Meeting the caterer, signing/paying for orders, and cleanup are the sole responsiblity of the reserving group. Information about UNCG catering may be found here.

When you are done

All furniture must be returned to its original position. Diagrams are available in each room to remind you of the original arrangement.

If food was served, all surfaces must be wiped and all trash must be taken out to the dumpsters. No leftover food is to be left behind.

Make sure all outside items have been taken with you. We are not responsible for items left in the meeting rooms. This includes equipment, personal items, and anything else that was not originally in the room.

Be sure the door is closed and locked behind you when you are done. The Faculty Center is accessible via keypad with a code which changes each week. Monday morning of the week fo your event, you should receive an email with unlocking instructions and that week’s code. If you arrive for your event and you have issues unlocking the building, you may contact Damon Roberts (336.334.3871,

There may be a fee charged if housekeeping has to clean the room after your event. If you arrive before your event and notice the room is not clean, contact Damon Roberts (336.334.3871, immediately to avoid paying a fee.