Funding Opportunities – URSCO Travel Fund

The URSCO Travel/Virtual Presentation Fund is designed to provide students with supplemental travel support to present results of their research, scholarship and/or creative activity at professional conferences in their field. The goal of the URSCO Travel Fund is to encourage the dissemination of faculty-mentored scholarly inquiry. Student scholars from all disciplines are invited to request support for travel to conferences, exhibits, or performance venues. The URSCO Travel Fund is administered by the Undergraduate Research, Scholarship and Creativity Office.

The URSCO Travel/Virtual Presentation Fund

  • Support is limited to students who are enrolled as an undergraduate at UNCG during the time of travel.
  • Applications will be considered monthly.
  • May be used for expenses related to travel, lodging, subsistence, and registration fees.

Rate Allowances (subject to change)

Meals In State Out of State
Breakfast $8.60 $8.60
Lunch $11.30 $11.30
Dinner $19.50 $22.20
Lodging $75.10 $88.70
Total $114.50 $130.80
  • Funds are allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis until they are depleted for the funding period. Any remaining requests will be placed on a waiting
    list for that funding period.
  • If a student’s travel/virtual presentation plans are cancelled, he/she must notify the Director of the Undergraduate Research, Scholarship and Creativity Office immediately.

The award is a reimbursement, not a grant, and is based upon documented expenses. Students must submit original receipts. If receipts total less than the award amount, reimbursement will follow suit.

Travel Form

The Funding Process

  1. A completed URSCO Travel Fund application must be submitted no sooner than six months before travel and no later than four weeks prior to the start of the conference. The application form must be filled in completely and must include all supporting documents, including conference/venue notice, acceptance letter/email, and abstract or presentation description. If the application does not adhere to these guidelines, it will not be reviewed.
  2. If a presentation has more than one presenter, each presenter must submit a separate application for travel funds. The amount awarded will be per presentation, not per student involved in the presentation.
  3. Students who have been awarded will be notified via email. This email will contain a Travel Authorization/Expense Report (TRV) and an instruction sheet detailing the correct procedures to request reimbursement. Students should familiarize themselves with the instructions prior to their travel to ensure they collect the necessary documentation for reimbursement of their expenses. Reimbursement expenses will not be paid without the proper documentation.
  4. After the travel has concluded, a Travel Authorization/Expense Report (TRV), including ORIGINAL invoices and receipts must be submitted within two weeks of travel. Please note: Only one TRV per trip may be submitted to the UNCG Accounting Office. Therefore, reimbursement that is to be received from other UNCG sources, e.g., matching department funding for the same trip, must be included on the same TRV form. Students should submit the completed, original TRV form to the Undergraduate Research, Scholarship and Creativity Office in 130 Shaw Residence Hall.

All students supported by the URSCO Travel Fund are expected to participate in the Thomas Undergraduate Research and Creativity Expo.