Grogan College Traditions

Friday Night Flags

FNF is a team tag activity that (weather permitting) takes place in the late afternoon every other Friday throughout the academic year. Grogan students join either the “red” or the “blue” team and head to the golf course to see who can steal the other team’s flag. It is a great way to get your exercise. We’ve been doing it for years, it is lots of fun and healthy too!

Grogan Night of the Arts

Grogan’s signature fall tradition (usually held in late September or October), Groganites of all types and talents are recruited to perform and show off their stuff. We do it all–classical, jazz, country, rock and roll and hip hop, poetry, drama, juggling, stand-up comedy, monologues, storytelling, fashion—you name it. If a Grogan students struts it—we showcase it. This annual event also raises awareness and funds for the arts.

Masquerade Ball

(February) The annual Masquerade Ball takes place around Valentine’s Day. It is our way of paying homage to “love and friendship”. We get together in the weeks prior to the big dance, make our own masks, and then put on our dress up clothes and start the spring term by dancing to our favorite music. Good eats too. A classy event.

Grogan at a Glance

This gem is one of our oldest and most enduring traditions. It is our home-made year in review: a way to remember, to laugh, cry and celebrate all we’ve done and experienced from the profound to the zany. During the year, Groganites collect photos of their most important and meaningful experiences—friends you make, professors and staff you love, activities that soared and flopped—the whole thing. Then we get together in the spring before exams to chow down and watch our year in review. It’s also when we celebrate and recognize those we met along the way. Best Buds for Life!

And there is room for more, so join us at Grogan College and add to our evolving traditions!

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