How do I apply to a Residential College?

Log in to the same SpartanLink account you used to apply to UNCG and look for the question, “Do you want to apply to an RC?” Select “yes” to complete the RC application.

How do I decide which RC is right for me?

The Residential Colleges welcome first and second year students from across the University in all majors. Here, you are encouraged to bring your unique experiences to whichever Residential College you choose. UNCG is excited to offer students the opportunity to choose among three Residential Colleges.

Each RC has its own identity and a unique focus. We encourage you to explore all there to see where you fit best!

Ashby College has a long history of social justice, but given the digital age, we also need to think about how contemporary media literacies affect how we see and make sense of the world. Most of our courses focus on the liberal arts and humanities to help you meet your Gen Ed requirements, and our Core courses ask you to think about the content in your classes by expanding your understanding of how we communicate in a digital world and how that affects cultural issues, locally and globally. This approach helps you recognize how the different types of media you use every day affect the ways you make meaning in your classes and the ways you interpret and create images, sounds, and words. Ashby College is located in Mary Foust Hall, right off College Avenue, near the center of campus.

Grogan College focuses on professionalism and offers students a unique and transformative academic experience that builds foundational professional competencies through project-based learning. Students engage with real world applications related to their academic and professional interests to develop ethical reasoning, intercultural competency, teamwork skills and critical thinking – all important aspects of becoming successful professionals in their fields. Grogan College is located in Grogan Hall.

Strong College focuses on sustainability through hands-on research. Sustainability is more than just taking care of the environment. Courses in Strong are designed to help you think about the challenges and possibilities of all aspects of sustainability in addition to the environment, including, cultural, ethical, political, and economic systems. What do we want to sustain as a culture? What systems might need rethinking? Strong Core courses meet Gen Ed requirements and focus on the humanities, but they also provide opportunities for a new understanding of your community through a variety of approaches to learning and fieldwork experience, such as observing your environment, conducting interviews, and reflecting on these experiences to help you make sense of your course material. Strong College is located on College Avenue, near the center of campus in Guilford Hall.