Globally Engaged URCA

The Globally Engaged (GE) URCA is designed to help faculty and students take on scholarly projects that have an international component. While travel is not a requirement, we seek to increase global awareness and understanding through scholarly investigations. As with all URCAs, support can be used to help defray the cost of material expenses and/or related travel, or can be used to provide a stipend for the students. The GE URCA program is funded through the Quality Enhancement Plan. Students can earn up to $3,000 (annually) for their work. Other funding offered through this program includes student travel for research and material expenses.

  • Desired Outcomes:
    1. Students will be able to explain environmental, historical, social, economic, political and/or cultural factors relevant to understanding a contemporary issue(s) within a global framework
    2. Students will compare and contrast at least two different ethical perspectives on a salient and contemporary issue in a global context.
    3. Students will demonstrate a willingness to engage in diverse cultural situations.
    4. Students will demonstrate the ability to communicate in a culturally informed manner in international, intercultural and/or multicultural contexts.

All awardees must present their results during the annual celebration of undergraduate scholarship held each spring: Carolyn and Norwood Thomas Undergraduate Research and Creativity Expo

The application process for the GE URCA is the same as that for all URCA (see application and instructions)Requests for support through this program must also include statements on (1) how the project is globally engaged and (2) how students will achieve the desired outcomes (listed above). While all outcomes are not required, projects should incorporate as many as possible.

You may request up to $500 to support gathering of data/information for GE-URCAs. These funds can be used to purchase books, software, consumables &/or other related supplies. Up to $1,500 in support for travel may also be included in lieu of a full stipend. Please provide a detailed budget justification of additional needs.

Instructions and Application

Fund Period – Deadline for requests:

  • Spring 2020 – October 6, 2019
  • Summer 2020 – February 9, 2020
  • Fall/Spring 2020/2021 – April 5, 2020 delayed, April 19, 2020

Also needed for projects that involve international travel:

  • Location Safety Assessment – identify potential risk factors specific to your site and the steps you are taking or will take to ensure students’ and your own health and safety. Be sure to consider in-country travel arrangements. Consult the US State Department Travel Advisories ( or similar resources. (*Note: UNCG does not approve programs which include travel within a region under a US Department of State Travel Warning)

Additional Information/Resources:

2015 GE-URCA Funded Participants

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