Strong Residential College

Welcome to Strong College! Here you are a member of a community that offers great classes, faculty support, and opportunities to make new friends during our project events. One of the reasons that Strong College is such a great place to live and take classes is its mission to explore Sustainability. With the goal of understanding sustainability and its broader implications, our courses are designed to generate a new perspective on both local and global issues.

As an inclusive two-year program Strong is co-ed student community, with approximately 130 freshmen and sophomores with a handful of of Upper Class Mentors. The Strong experience provides you with a small liberal arts college environment within a large, public university, including easy and complete access to the diverse facilities, programs, and departments of a larger university. Strong encourages innovative study, offers small classes, a unity of academic and social experiences, and close student-faculty contacts.

Innovative Classes

The RCs offer unique courses that are only open to fellow RC students. Strong’s Core courses thread together material from your Gen Ed classes with sustainability concerns and questions of the day. Course titles have included Zombies, Dark Web, Supreme Court, Shakespeare, Fairy Tales, and Food and Culture.

Life in Strong

Strong College programs and events are the connective tissue of our program, starting with a long list of traditions, such as the Shakespeare retreat in Staunton, weekly tea, sustainability dinner, and game nights. Our traditions along with other project committees are student run and led. Faculty leadership supports and guides, but Strong is what students make of it. So each year, the program takes shape a little differently!

About Strong

Through a variety of approaches to learning, you will conduct fieldwork, including hands on experience, observations, interviews, analysis, and reflection that will help you make sense of your course material. With fieldwork research, you will actively participate in gathering data about what you see, hear, and touch. Hands on experience in the field can help you think about broader ways to interpret sustainability, both locally and globally.

Located in Guilford Residence Hall, Strong emphasizes cross-disciplinary connections and communication within small, seminar classes. Students have access to an in-house academic program—approximately 15 courses every semester—which focuses primarily on fulfilling students’ UNCG General Education requirements.

Take a Tour of Guilford!

See what it looks as a Strong student shows you around the residence hall and the program.


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Contact Us

Dr. Sara Littlejohn, Faculty Program Chair of Strong Residential College
Ms. Anne Barton,
Associate Faculty Program Chair
Dr. Will Dodson, Faculty in Residence, Residential College Coordinator

Telephone: (336) 334-1325 Fax: (336) 334-5298

Mailing Address:
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