Grogan Residential College History


Ione Grogan Residential College was founded in 1997 with support from the Office of the Provost. It is named after Ione Holt Grogan, (1892-1961) who was a Mathematics Professor and Residence Hall Counsel when UNCG was Women’s College. Ione Grogan is renowned for her excellent teaching and passionate dedication to students’ holistic growth and success. Grogan Residential College continues the legacy of Dr. Grogan.

In the early years, Grogan Residential College was only for first-year students and was comprised of individual “learning communities,” each of which focused on a specific type of career, major, or interest area, usually in the professions or performing arts. First-year students in each community took several classes together in their major and were mentored by a member of the UNCG faculty (the Faculty Fellow) and an upper-class Peer Academic Leader (PAL) who lived on the hall. The Faculty Fellow and the PAL met with students weekly in a one-credit seminar (GRC 101). The purpose was to help the students navigate college life, develop foundational academic and leadership skills, explore a chosen profession and/or major, and provide general assistance and encouragement.  Many of Grogan’s signature and very popular community traditions were established in these early years such as the annual Night of the Arts celebration, Masquerade Ball and the award winning Grogan-at-a-Glance year in review.

Today, Grogan College continues to support students’ holistic academic, social, career and personal success. It continues to be a home for students interested in the professions and performing arts. In addition, Grogan College currently enrolls many more sophomore students and offers courses and program specifically designed for upper-class students, such as the second-year capstone course and portfolio project.  Also, beginning in 2014-15, Grogan Residential College introduced a unique curriculum of CORE courses designed to help students develop important competencies required of successful professionals. Students in their first year now take at least one Grogan CORE course each semester, as well as special sections of courses in their major that they attend with other Grogan students. The CORE courses meet requirements of UNCG’s General Education Program, but in unique ways tailored to students’ professional interests. Sophomore students may continue to take additional CORE courses. They also complete a capstone project and portfolio intended to help them synthesize and present what they have learned to prospective employers, internships and scholarships.

To provide additional support and learning, upper class Teaching Interns are assigned to each CORE class and other sophomore students serve as Community Ambassadors to help guide the student committees tasked with planning our traditions and other programs of the College. Grogan College students also learn and receive additional support from Resident Advisers and the Grogan Coordinate of Residence Life who are part of the UNCG Housing staff assigned to Grogan Hall.

Directors of Grogan College

Dr. Dennis P. Leyden
Dr. Eileen Jackson
John Sopper
Religious Studies
(2001-2009 and 2015-Present)
Dr. Love Crossling
Communication Studies and Cultural Studies
Ms. Margaret (Meg) Horton
Dr. Dennis Leyden Dr. Eileen Jackson Dr. John Sopper Dr. Love Crossling Dr. Meg Horton